Fast & Helpful Omega info when sharing:

- 90% of Americans don’t get enough omega 3 fatty acids.

- They are just as important as fruits and vegetables.

- They help the heart, brain, joints, eyes and skin!

- This is our first capsule product in 15 years!

- Not extracted from fish sources.

- There’s not just omega 3’s but also 5,6,7, & 9!

- Plant-based with SIX different sources:

1.) Algae

2.) Pomegranate seeds

3.) Sea buckthorn berries

4.) Raspberry seeds

5.) Tomato seeds

6.) Safflower seeds

- More sustainable - no more rancid omegas.

- Cold-pressed to preserve nutrients.

- Vegetarian capsule

- Non-GMO

- Gluten-free

- No artificial colors, Flavors, preservatives, or added starch/fillers!

- Will be NSF and Kosher Certified.

- Bridging the gap just like with our trio and shakes!

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