Daily Method of Operation

DMO Planner

Alternative "Paper" DMO System

Learn from Julie Herbst, NMD as she shares about using the DMO Planner to track the basic activities of the business.  Use the forms in the Organizational Workbook to create a paper system to organize your DMO.  


DMO for a Mom

Brendon Burchard

Out of Warm Market?

Listen to this training by Stacey Turner, NMD for ideas on doing DMO alongside family life with toddlers - teens.

Listen to this training by Brendon Burchard on Discipline vs. Distraction

Listen to this training call by Stacey Turner, NMD for ideas on how to create a new network or grow your biz in a new area.

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$19.99 for JP Reps

Teamzy - Ultimate JP+ Workspace


Learn from Kirsten Hood, NMD and Carmen Maxwell, NMD about how you can use the Teamzy dashboard to prompt you to do DMO activity each day.  Input your income goal and receive an activity plan catered to that goal.  Input your contacts, prioritize them, and your dashboard will calculate how many prospects, customers and team you will follow up with each day.  There are event scripts and so much more!

Teamzy on FB

Organizational Workbook

Intro Video