DMO - The One Thing

Learn from Julie Herbst, NMD as she discusses how to have a successful DMO.


Org Workbook

DMO Works!

Building your Skillsets

Learn from Deana Christofferson, NMD as she shares about Skillsets that are critical to building your Juice Plus business.

Virtual Office

DMO on the VO - Virtual Office

Learn from Rachel Brewer, NMD as she shares about how to use your Juice Plus Virtual Office daily.


6 mos. VF

6 mos. SC


DMO for a Mom

Brendon Burchard

Coming Soon

Listen to this training by Stacey Turner, NMD for ideas on doing DMO alongside family life with toddlers - teens.

Listen to this training by Brendon Burchard on Discipline vs. Distraction

Info coming soon

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Learn more

Learn more

Teamzy Free Trial

Teamzy - Ultimate JP Workspace

Learn from Eric Johnson, about how you can pay a monthly fee to receive your own Teamzy dashboard that will prompt you to do DMO activity each day.  Input your WHY so you see it everyday; Input your income goal and receive an activity plan catered to that goal;  Input your contacts, prioritize them and your dashboard will calculate how many prospects, customers and team you will follow up with each day.  There are event scripts and so much more!

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