Send a text to thank your customer again!

Add these reminders (Week 1, Day 10, Day 30, Day 60, Day 90) to your calendar as soon as you sign up a new customer.

If you are working with a Shred10 customer you will contact them more frequently.  See the Shred10 System Guide below.  

Remember at any time you can invite them to Join Our Mission!

Customer Profile

Add to FB


Send your Tower Garden customers information, videos, recipes, photos of your own tower and ask to see theirs!

Continue educating to help them add JP+ too!

TG Cust

Plant Guide

Experience Survey


Did they receive their product?  

When and how do they take their JP+? (Send JP+ Tips to remember)

Have they had any experiences yet? (Share Experience Survey)

Offer a free resource from

Send another video or invite to an event.  Education is key!

If they are experiencing detox symptoms, share the articles below.

Sample Text: Hi Kelly! I wanted to make sure you are eating 2 fruit, 2 vegetable, and 2 berry capsules each day!  Here are some tips to remember to take your JP+ and a list of experiences that are common during your first 4 months on JP+!  You may not even feel a difference but I love that the research shows that the most powerful changes are happening at the cellular level.  Please let me know if you need anything! (Text JP+ Tips & Experience Survey)

Sample Text:  Hi Kelly!  "I think you will be so encouraged by these articles that describe the kind of cleansing that may be happening by adding all of this nutrition."


Congratulate them for being consistent.  If they're not being consistent, send an encouraging message.

What are you enjoying the most about your Juice Plus+?  

Send the Experience Survey if you haven't already.

Invite them to a One Simple Change event.

Remember:  You can invite them to Join Our Mission at any time!

Sample Text: Hi Kelly!  It's been 30 days since you added JP+! Check out this video about how your genes change with Juice Plus+!


Congratulate them for consistency with taking JP+  

Ask them the questions from JP+ Experience Survey to see if they have had any results.  If they haven't noticed changes yet keep educating them with videos, research and events so they know what JP+ is doing inside their body.

Customize your check in so the customer knows you listen and care about them. Build off their WHY for ordering and expand it with each customer check in.

Send a video i.e. Wendy Campbell,RN ( as a reminder of the importance of consistency.

Invite to an event like a Salad in a Jar Party, Smoothie Party, Wine & Wellness, Zoom or Facebook Event.

Sample Texts:

Hi Kelly! I'm so excited to see how you are doing with your JP+!  I know you had already experienced more energy the last time we connected.  

Hi Kelly!  I know you ordered the Trio Capsules and you are loving them.  I thought you might be interested in learning more about our plant based shake.  Here is a quick video about the ingredients (


Thank them and congratulate them for consistency with taking JP+! Be sure they are receiving customer portal emails so they can adjust their next shipment!

Remind them about their next shipment date. (Watch video that explains how to track your next ship dates for your customers).

Have they shared their experiences with others?  

Would they be interested in hosting an event?

Would they be interested in adding more products?

If appropriate, invite them to Join Our Mission.  

Sample Text:

Hi Kelly!  What have you enjoyed most about taking Juice Plus+ for the last 3 months? (Revisit their Customer Profile and see if they had a specific expectation. Celebrate if that has been met.)

“Hello this is _____, I am checking in with you to see how you are doing with your JP+.  I wanted to make sure you will be ready for more JP+ on ____.  Please let me know if this date needs to be adjusted.  If I don't hear from you I'll assume that you are ready for it to be shipped.  I’m so thankful for my JP+ and wouldn't be one day without out so I don't want you to run out. ”


At any time you can show gratitude to your customer for continuing on Juice Plus+.  Mail them a card, small gift, call them or send a selfie video to thank them for being a loyal customer and then continue to check in with them about once per month.

Continue education by inviting them to events, sending videos which keeps the door open to joining our mission.



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Postcards can be ordered from  There are postcards for adults, children, healthylivingrevolution etc.

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Learn from Julie Herbst about how to use the tools below to create the best customer experience! The goal is to create raving fan, lifelong customers and possible team members.

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